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This is my body: a poem for Eastertide (with pictures)

For lent 2022, I’m writing six duologues between Samuel and other people in the Bible, all on the theme of living with conflict. The duologues are taking longer than I’d hoped to write, so this week I offer a poem instead.

Last week, I wrote a new poem, “This is my tent.” This week, I’ve written another “This is my body.” It’s a celebration of Jesus’ resurrection. 

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I’ll continue with the duologues next week (it’ll be Samuel meeting John the Baptist).

If you missed last week’s poem, I mentioned how I believe that our resurrection bodies, like Jesus’, will have all the benefits of being a physical body. Just maybe without the constraints. Resurrection is not about losing the tangible aspects of our creation, but having them renewed in a way that means our bodies will no longer be susceptible to death.

Put another way, having a ‘spiritual’ body is about having a body powered by the Holy Spirit.

Again, I have several posts on my sister-site Light in Grey Places that deep-dive 1 Corinthians 15. The one that specifically looks at spiritual vs physical bodies is part 3 though if you haven’t specifically studied resurrection as a topic, you may find it easier to begin with part 1.

Right, on to the poem.

This is my body

This is my body.

I sit, I stand, I walk.
I grasp my fingers,
I curl my toes,
I stretch my shoulders.

The sun warms my face,
The breeze cools my neck,
The morning dew freshens my senses. 
What a feeling to feel alive!

I blink, I breathe,
My heart pulses
With a quickened beat. 

I rub the tips of my fingers together,
And examine their lines and grooves.
No one has prints like mine. 

This is my body,
Fitting and familiar,
Co-companion in my joys and sorrows,
Co-conspirator against the darkness.

Trace the contours of my hands,
Feel their testimony.
For this, my body, was given for you,
That you might share in its vitality.

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Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

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