Coloured doodles of budgets and checklists.

Matthew on money: short drama sketches exploring what the gospel has to say about finances

According to The Infographic Bible by Karen Sawrey, money is the fourth most-frequently preached on topic of Jesus’ teaching [p148-151]. The top three being the kingdom of God, the Father, and faith. 

Each of these sketches was inspired by a specific event or parable in Matthew’s gospel but they all give a slant on contemporary money issues — from the cost of living and price gouging, to ‘get rich quick’ schemes and public giving.

They’re short, between 850 and 2,000 words each. Some are satires, others dramas. The characters show humanity at both its best and its worst.

The sketches are linked below in the order I wrote them, but if performed together, I would suggest the following running order:

  1. The Apocalypse of price gouging (the clearing of the temple: Mt 21:12–13)
  2. Wealth managers outraged by ‘deceitful’ slur (the parable of the sower: Mt 13:1–23)
  3. Every influencer’s worst nightmare (Jesus’ teaching on serving God and money: Mt 6:24)
  4. The Miracle Method (Jesus sends out the twelve: Mt 5:5–15)
  5. Putting God before grifters (Jesus’ teaching on the ‘commandments of men’: Mt 15:1–12)
  6. The Silent Finance Awards (Jesus’ teaching on almsgiving: Mt 6:1–4)
  7. The Sacrifice of Inheritance (the rich young ruler: Mt 19:16–30)
  8. The Three Wise Wives (the wise men from the East: Mt 2)

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Photo by Hal Gatewood on Unsplash

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