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Pentecost and Trinity season – worship and study resources

Poems on the Trinity

Triquetra (symbol of the Trinity) in pastel colours against a dark background.

Poems celebrating the Trinity

Exploring different forms of poetry and the persons of the Trinity.

Poems for Pentecost

Abstract water image with browns and oranges streaming downwards a little like the surface of Jupiter. Text: The fire of day 50 (a poem for Pentecost) Faith in Grey Places (16x9)

The fire of day 50: a poem for Pentecost (with pictures)

A wild sweeping of pneumatic might,
A swelling river of air in flight.

Stained glass window with yellows and browns with a dove at the centre. Text: The Holy Spirit (a poem / liturgical prayer for Pentecost) Faith in Grey Places

The Holy Spirit: a poem / liturgical prayer for Pentecost (with pictures)

Untameable fire, Unshakeable thunder, Strong contender for mercy.

Picture looking up at the wooden ceiling of a church, with the image of a dove in the middle of a quadrangle. Text over the top: Air, fire, water, clay (a poem celebrating the Holy Spirit) Faith in Grey Places

Air, fire, water, clay (a poem celebrating the Holy Spirit)

You are the Lord of sound and song, You hover upon the air and give us breath.

Poems celebrating the fruit of the Spirit

Photo of ceramic oil lamp with a burning wick.

Songs of the Spirit

Nine poems on the fruit of the Spirit, with short studies on each of the Greek words.

Photo by Pawel Czerwinski on Unsplash

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