Inside of Chartres Cathedral. The area is dark, but light from stained glass windows behind the camera lights up the stone floor where a labyrinth has been inset into the stone.


Hi, I’m Christine. Here at Faith in Grey Places, I explore Scripture through creative writing—whether that’s poetry, prose or drama. My aim is to offer encouragement and fresh perspectives for everyone who wants to build their faith and connect with God, particularly through a greater understanding of the Bible.

Photo by Erez Attias on Unsplash

Poems on the nine lessons in a carol service

Letters to the great cloud of witnesses

Poems on the fruit of the Spirit

Easter poems

Passion poems

Theatre sketches / plays and monologues

Reflective study series on Christmas

I wrote a 40 day series running from the beginning of advent 2021 to the day after Epiphany. Each post was a short devotional and Bible study, but they didn’t offer neat explanations. I wanted them to be grounded and relevant; reflections from my life, but delving deep into the rich theology of the Christian tradition. You can browse them in the Christmas 2020 archive.

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Faith in Grey Places is the sister-site of my blog Light in Grey Places. You can read more about me and about my theology there.

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