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I need something that affirms my faith, builds me up, and shows me what I am for, not just what I’m against. 

When lockdown changed my patterns of church, I realised I didn’t have much that really nourished me in my spirit. The internet has plenty of take-downs, deconstructions, explainers and even rants; and these can be valuable. But they aren’t enough on their own.

And I don’t think I’m the only one who feels this.

So, I started this site. In time, I want it to be a repository for worship, devotional and study materials, accessible to Christians who are similarly burdened with that longing for a better world.

I’m currently running a series of poems for Lent and Easter 2021, each exploring our agency through the lens of stories from Jesus’s passion and resurrection. If you want to read them, they’re all listed in the Easter 2021 archive.

Previously, I wrote a 40 day series running from the beginning of advent 2021 to the day after Epiphany. Each post was a short devotional and Bible study, but they didn’t offer neat explanations. I wanted them to be grounded and relevant; reflections from my life, but delving deep into the rich theology of the Christian tradition. If you want to read them, they’re in the Christmas 2020 archive.

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Faith in Grey Places is the sister-site of my blog Light in Grey Places. You can read more about me and about my theology there.

And ye, beneath life’s crushing load, 
whose forms are bending low, 
who toil along the climbing way 
with painful steps and slow, 
look now! for glad and golden hours 
come swiftly on the wing. 
O rest beside the weary road, 
and hear the angels sing! 

From: It Came Upon The Midnight Clear, by Edmund H. Sears

Photo by Guilherme Stecanella on Unsplash

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