Hi, I’m Christine Woolgar. Here at Faith in Grey Places, I explore Scripture through creative writing—whether that’s 🖋 poetry, 📝 prose or 🎭 drama. I write to offer encouragement and fresh perspectives for everyone who wants to build their faith and connect with God, particularly through a greater understanding of the Bible. 

This site is full of devotional and reflective pieces! You’re welcome to use them in worship—and I’d love to know if you do! Contact me here. If you use my work, please credit me and include a link to this site.

I publish something new each Sunday and occasionally I have the luxury of going back and making edits. If you like what you read, please consider signing up for weekly or quarterly updates via email.

Photo by Erez Attias on Unsplash

Two hands against a dark background with one reaching out to the other.

🖋 ‘The God who…’ poetry series: twelve poems inspired by Hebrew verbs

Close up of white blossom and young yellow-green leaves on stems with thorns

🎭 ‘Living with conflict’ theatre series: six duologues as Samuel meets with the young girl from Israel (2 Kg 5), Ezekiel, John the Baptist, Peter’s wife, Jonathan and Jesus

Photo of ceramic oil lamp with a burning wick.

🖋 ‘Songs of the Spirit’ poetry series: a poem for Pentecost plus nine poems on the fruit of the Spirit

Paper cut out of a white tomb with a rolled away stone. In the dark space of the tomb are the words "He is not here."

🖋 Agency in Passiontide and Easter poetry series: fourteen poems exploring agency and choice in stories of Jesus’ passion and resurrection

Aerial photo of clouds against a golden sunset

📝 ‘Cloud of witnesses’ letter series: twenty letters to the people listed in Hebrews 11, from Abel to Samuel

Close up of a chorister's carol music open in a carol service

🖋 Christmas ‘nine lessons’ poetry series: nine poems based on the nine readings in a traditional carol service

red lighted candal in glass lantern frame with red berry Christmas decoration, placed on a wooden bench

📝 Advent to Epiphany daily study series: forty reflections and studies to explain Christmas (no prior knowledge assumed)

Theatre sketches / plays and monologues

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Faith in Grey Places is the sister-site of my blog Light in Grey Places. You can read more about me and about my theology there.

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