All year round worship and study resources (poems, dramas and reflections)

Looking for something fresh to share in church or a small group? The resources here are suitable for ordinary seasons.

Poems celebrating God

View looking upwards to the bright green tree canapy, with dark trunks and light coming through between the leaves

🖋 The God who…: twelve poems celebrating God’s actions, inspired by Hebrew verbs

The most popular poems in this series are:

Picture of lightning light up clouds orange over still waters with an island on the left. Text over the top: The God who gives his voice (a poem). Faith in Grey Places

The God who gives his voice (a poem)

Thunder erupts and the heavens reverb Like a shattering nerve To the base of the earth.

Low sunlight in the background lighting up a flower in the foreground. Text over the top: The God who shines (a poem)

The God who shines (a poem)

You favour alights upon us, And we shine with your likeness.

Close up of a person's fingers holding a lump of clay about to shape it. Text over the top: The God who forms (a poem). Faith in Grey Places

The God who forms (a poem)

That he would craft such little things From such a fragile, brittle means.

Sketches and reflections

Coloured doodles of budgets and checklists.

🎭 Matthew on money: eight short drama sketches exploring what the gospel has to say about finances

Close up of white blossom and young yellow-green leaves on stems with thorns

🎭 Living with conflict: six duologues: a deceased Samuel discusses conflict with the young girl from Israel (2 Kg 5), Ezekiel, John the Baptist, Peter’s wife, Jonathan and, lastly, Jesus

Aerial photo of clouds against a golden sunset

📝 Cloud of witnesses: twenty letters to the people listed in Hebrews 11, from Abel to Samuel; it’s a journey through Genesis, Exodus and Judges

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