Stained glass window with yellows and browns with a dove at the centre. Text: The Holy Spirit (a poem / liturgical prayer for Pentecost) Faith in Grey Places

The Holy Spirit: a poem / liturgical prayer for Pentecost (with pictures)

I was tasked with writing a prayer of adoration for Pentecost – and came up with these ways of describing the Holy Spirit. These words can be read as a responsive liturgy or as a standalone poem, and presented with a single image or a sequence of images.

Photo by Serge Taeymans on Unsplash

As words in one picture

For a while after I first wrote these words (as a liturgical prayer) I wanted to put them to a picture, though it’s hard to find images for the Holy Spirit that do justice to this wonderful person of the Trinity. However, I did find a beautiful image visiting a small village Methodist church and put the words to it.

Holy Spirit dove prayer adoration
Inspiration for Pentecost (click on the picture for the full-size image)

As a picture poem

Later I revisited these words and put them to images from Unsplash. The original images are all in an album here.

As a responsive liturgy of welcome

(Words in normal type are to be read by the person leading worship. Words in bold type are spoken by the congregation.)

Holy Spirit,

We welcome you.

You are life giving,
Breath filling,
And reviver of the soul.

Holy Spirit,
We welcome you.

Bringer of joy,
Cradle of comfort,
Inseparable companion and guide.

Holy Spirit,
We welcome you.

Revealer of mysteries,
Whisper of wisdom,
Fountain of all understanding.

Holy Spirit,
We welcome you.

Untameable fire,
Unshakeable thunder,
Strong contender for mercy.

Holy Spirit,
We welcome you.

Creative inspirer,
Delighting admirer,
Preparer for things eternal.

Holy Spirit.
We welcome you.

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