Triquetra (symbol of the Trinity) in pastel colours against a dark background. Text: Three haikus on the Trinity. Faith in Grey Places

Three haikus on the Trinity (a poem)

It’s said that it’s hard to pack anything of substance into such a short poetry form. (Haikus are a Japanese type of poem with three lines. The first has five syllables, the second seven, and the third five.) To be sure, it’s not easy, but it can be done. 

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In fact, a couple of years ago when I wrote a series of poems on Passiontide and Easter, I was very proud of the two sets of haikus I wrote. 

Now you might say I was cheating because they were only semi-standalone. To get the effect of each set of three, you needed to read all three together. And to get the full effect overall, you needed to read both sets. 

But still, I loved their simplicity and found it had a surprisingly powerful impact. If you’re not familiar with them, they’re all about forgiveness, exploring Jesus’ words on the cross. 

They’re also thoroughly Trinitarian and you can read them on the blog here

As for this week’s poem, it seemed a cop-out to only write one haiku, so I’ve done three. But they’re all different. 


Three haikus on the Trinity

Trinity #1

In kindness, equal.
In ability, boundless.
In fellowship holy.

Trinity #2

Include me, Lord God,
In your family,
Spirit and body.

Trinity #3

Shelter, bread, water:
Without you, we are but dust.
Sustain us in love.

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